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In 1872 the church was organized under a Bush Harbor under the leadership of Rev. A.G. Culbreath as Pastor, and Bro. Andrew Howard as secretary.  At the start of the church there were only eighteen members. After some time the black members of Clouds Creek Baptist Church started to worship with Piney Grove and the membership grew greatly. On June 5th 1873, the black members and the white members of Clouds Creek separated and all black members joined Piney Grove. The church worshiped under the Bush Harbor until grounds  were given by Mr. Grover Howard next to the cemetery. The members worshiped there for forty years. Later grounds were given by Mr. Walter Freeman, where the church stands now. It stands there in honor of Rev. W.M. Barnett, who resigned shortly after in 1913.

Piney Grove has been lead by twelve pastors and is now blessed to be currently lead by our thirteenth Pastor in 146 years, Pastor D.Y. Kilpatrick. 

Piney Grove Baptist Church



241 Piney Grove Rd

Comer, GA 30629

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