" Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, in earth,as it is in heaven"

This portion of the Lord's Prayer gives power, it reveals, it releases, it instills ,and it involves every human being who exist. Jesus was the only person who truly understood and followed the instructions of this prayer. Hence the name " The Lord's Prayer". God's will was carried out in and through his only son. Jesus was born in the flesh from his mother Mary;she being an earthly vessel and Jesus a heavenly one, God's will was done in heaven and in earth. We are made from the earth, the dirt, the dust, and the clay. Which ever one you prefer to call it. God's will was done  in that moment he brought forth the earth. We are his will done on earth. We are to do his will while we are here. Not that of our own or that of the enemy, but his and only. Jesus said to Mary and Joseph, "Did you not know  I was about my Father's business". We are to follow Jesus showing an example of God's will being done in us and on earth from which we are formed. 

     We came into this world naked by just not being clothed, but we also did not have the knowledge of who we were, or who God was. We had to be taught how to walk, talk, eat, clean, swim, hunt, fish, and ride a bike. Learning is a never ending process. The bible says " Bring the child up in the way that they should go, and when they are older, they will not depart from it". Instilling the will of God in our children while they are young, gives them an edge on life, and on how they should conduct themselves. This is part of a proper up bringing. We have gotten away from God's will, and seem to be leaning more towards the world, the enemies, and our will.

     "There is more in you, than there is on you". Be like Jesus. Knowing his father's will is being done in an earthly vessel, yet again he was a heavenly being. Father I pray that your will be done in us as it is at home. Help us to be messengers of your word helping it to accomplish what you sent it out to do. Amen!!!!


Bro. Kirk Williams

Piney Grove Baptist Church



241 Piney Grove Rd

Comer, GA 30629

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